Kancelaria Notarialna

Aneta Magda-Zielecka   &   Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk

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Notarial acts

Notarial acts performed by notaries include:

  • Drawing up of deeds, in particular, sales contracts, development agreements, preliminary agreements, the company’s shareholders’ protocols and shareholders, contracts for life, property transfer agreements, conditional agreements, contracts of transfer of ownership, exchange agreements, acts establishing the land and personal easements, wills, contracts of inheritance, marital property agreements (prenuptials) agreements for the division of joint property, other agreements according to the needs of our customers,
  • Drawing up of notarial acts involving the transformation of companies and partnerships and economic activity in the company,
  • Drawing up certificates of inheritance,
  • Drawing up authentications,
  • Delivery of statements,
  • Writing protocols
  • Creating bill of exchange and cheque protests,
  • Accepting for safekeeping: cash, securities, documents, information on computer storage media mentioned in the regulations on informatisation of entities performing public tasks,
  • Creating extracts, copies, excerpts from documents,
  • Creating, upon request, drafts of acts, drafts of statements and drafts of other documents,
  • Creating other legal acts and actions derived from separate law provisions.

Please note that the notarial act may be carried out outside the seat of the Notary Office, if it is in the nature of activities or special circumstances.