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Aneta Magda-Zielecka   &   Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk

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Notary Office – About us

Notary Office was established by Ms. Aneta Magda-Zielecka on 1st June 1998. Since September 2008, a new, experienced partner Ms. Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk joined the team and Notary Office changed its legal form to a civil partnership. Currently the comprehensive, effective, individually dedicated legal support and protection of your interests is ensured by Notaries: Ms. Aneta Magda-Zielecka and Ms. Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk and employees of the Notary Office.

We the notaries, being persons of public trust, we take care of correct and optimal securing interests of all parties involved in the notary act.

Our main goal is to ensure the trust for our customers and provide them with confidence and reliability in the area of notarial acts. Notaries, due to many years of experience, through direct contact with the customers, are able to recognize their needs related to the line of their business, while taking into account the long-term and far-reaching interests. Notaries are advising advantageous legal measures for the protection of interests of both parties. Measures to achieve the intended purpose, as well as to optimize the cost (including tax) of performed notarial activities, thus protecting the interests of customers and supporting their business.

Legal services for our Clients is conducted in Polish. We can also draw notary acts in the English language. We cooperate with experienced solicitors, lawyers, chartered accountants, accountants, property surveyors and translators of foreign languages, including English, Italian, Czech, Slovak, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.

Our office is located in the very center of Bielsko-Biala, at 10 Ratuszowa Street. The Notary Office is located close to the City Hall and Registry Office for Bielsko-Biala. In the direct neibourhood of the Notary Office there are branches of several banks and numerous ATMs. You can leave conveniently your car on the nearby parking lots located next to our Notary Office.

We also provide the possibility of using the Internet and a computer station on the premises of our Notary Office. In order to leveling architectural barriers (for those with mobility problems) and in other justified cases, notaries and their employees perform notarial acts outside the Office.

We provide free advice on notarial acts:
• On appointments at the headquarters of our Notary Office,
• By e-mail:  and
• By phone at numbers: +48 (33) 8160261 and +48 503 932 342